Strength in Love

When I think about life and how it is often so unpredictable; I can’t help but think about the struggles we go through each day just to live. I have survived a lot in my short time here on Earth, but I am thankful that God wakes me up every day and I have a chance to live another day.

Sometimes the struggles we face in life can break us down. Recently, the news of Fantasia’s attempt at suicide struck a chord within me. Despite the allegations surrounding her romantic liaisons, my heart went out to her as a person – as a woman. I think a lot of people under-estimate what it is like to live a life that feels constantly burdened. I could not imagine having my life under a microscope, and constantly having to live up to other people’s expectations of me. For a strong person it’s difficult so imagine the countless people who lack that type of strength. I would never condone suicide; I think it’s a cowards way out. You essentially abandon your problems, and leave your family and friends to deal with the aftermath and devastation. But I know what it feels like to be at your lowest point and to feel overwhelmed by all that is going on in your life. Fantasia is a young woman, like most young women and even older women who seek love and acceptance. We want to feel the protection that comes with having people who love you around. Sometimes me make bad decisions in our quest to have that. Life is hard but love is what makes it easier. To have your trust broken and your heart-broken can leave you emotionally bankrupt.

Emotionally I have been broken, and I know what it feels like to have what feels like no fight left inside of you to carry on. In my journey to recovery and healing from my loss, I have learned the single greatest thing that can pull you through is the belief that there is a higher power out there that loves you beyond what this world ever could. Seeking unconditional love from people is a losing battle, but it feels good to know that our heavenly father doles out this kind of love every day without request. When we lose our way he is always there to guide us back to where we need to be.

In the end I think we must learn to love ourselves with the same intensity that God loves us, because there is strength in this kind of love. This kind of love endures, it’s the light in our darkest hours and the shelter from the storm. For any one who has reached the place of despair within themselves and feels as if there is nothing left for them I implore you to seek God’s love, he will be your ever constant life boat during the storms in your life, and during the sunshine. His love is unconditional and he will give you the strength you need to go forward. You just have to believe, and love yourself enough to know you are strong and capable. Life can’t take from you what you do not give it permission to have.


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