I’m a mess sometimes. I talk a lot and sometimes don’t listen as much as I should. But at my core, I try very hard to be a good friend, sister, daughter, aunt, etc. I hate disappointing¬†people, so I try to meet expectations at all times. It’s a arduous task to always try to be on the right side of right. I’m not perfect, but sometimes it feels I am expected to be.

Imperfection exist in us all, as human beings we all have flaws. I hate feeling like I need my mirror to be spotless, when it reflects onto a world that is so flawed. There always seems to be someone who is trying to “fix” me. I hate feeling like I’m not measuring up to someone elses opinion of me. It’s maddening to never feel like you can just be accepted flaws and all.

I LIKE ME! Sure there are ways in which I can grow more as a person, but at the same time my flaws are also a part of my package. I embrace the imperfect parts of me because they add balance to my picture. And that picture might hang a little crooked on the wall, but it is still beautiful nonetheless.


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