Dear Heart, Please Heal Quickly!

Photo borrowed for this post

Warning rant in progress…….

Some times I truly hate the fact that I have feelings. Having feelings just leaves you open for someone to be able to get to you enough to hurt you or make you feel some sort of way. Feelings seem to make you hold on to things longer than you really need to.

Right now what I hate more than anything is loving. I hate that my heart is so attachedĀ it literally hurts at the thought of no longer having him in my life. How did I let him become my life support?

I made the decisions months ago that leaving was the best option. But my heart never got the memo. I crave the freedom to no longer give a damn about you! But right now I seem to toil in my mixed emotions. I’ve been bruised and battered by this relationship. His nonchalance and indifference about things that bother me have literally drained my emotional well. I’ve cried a river of tears, but yet for months returned to the source of my liquid depression. Enough is enough, and damn it heart you need to get onboard!

All I want to do is feel happy again, and I know that starts with getting rid of him. I realize I have to put on my big girl panties and just do it. It will be like a shot to the heart to finally say goodbye, but all I can pray is that my heart heals quickly.


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